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ECS Procedure in DOP Finacle



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Passbook Printer Settings and Page Setup in DOP Finacle

Add Printer in Devices and Printers > Generic IBM Graphics 9 Pin > Select on it After Select on Generic IBM Graphics 9pin wide, Click on Server properties in the top of the panel. Click on Create New form, Enter the Form name like newpassbook1. Enter the Measurements of Units as EnglishPaper size as Width :8.20in Left : 0.20in Top:0.80in Height :5.80in Right:0.00in Bottom:0.00in Finally Click on Save Form Right Click on IBM Generic 9Pin wide printer Printer  Go to Advanced, select Printer Default then change the Paper Size as Newpassbook1  and Print Quality as 240x216 then Click on Device Settings > then select Paper Size as Newpassbook1 Internet Explorer 8 Or Higher Version Page SetupClick on Printer > Page Setup Select all fields of Header and Footer as empty Deselect Enable Shrink-to-Fit then Margins (inches) Left : 0.5 Rgiht : 0.5 Top: 0.8 Bottom : 0.75 Click on Change Font and Change Font an

Could not perform login; Applet not properly initialized in DOP Finacle

Java applet not properly initialized in Internet Explorer and could not perform login request in DOP finacle. The above issues are not related to Finacle Server it is a purely Finacle desktop configuration issues. Please check the Java settings for accessing Finacle Application. Do the following to enable JAVA applet in IE Browser Open Internet explorer Tools-->Manage Add-ons Under Oracle America, Inc following three options should be enabled. 1.Java(tm) Plug-In SSV Helper 2.Java(tm) Plug-In 2 SSV Helper 3.Sun Java Console Right Click on Java(tm) Plug-In SSV Helper > Click on Enable then select the related add-ons that will be also enabled then click on enable button to enable all three addons which are previously said. Now, you can login into DOP finacle without Java Applet loading issues.

Epson PLQ 20 Passbook Printer Configuration

Turn on the printer holding F1 and F2 buttons. Insert an A4 size paper to the printer it will print the default language Press F2 to confirm and F1 in case you need to change (The default language will be underlined) The printer will ask you whether to print default settings or not, Press F1 to skip Now it will show Common settings press F2 for Software settings and then press F1 Each settings will be displayed. Press F1 until it shows SOFTWARE By default the softare will be of EPSON press F2 to change it to IBM PPDS Also better to select the port USB. Because USB Printing is faster than COM Port printing. After you see IBM PPDS press F1 again to show next settings Now turn off the printer The printer will work fine now. For printing passbooks you need to configure PLQ20 printer in IBM generic graphics 9 pin wide driver Click on Create New form, Enter the Form name like newpassbook1. Enter the Measurements of Units as English Paper size as Width :8.20in Left : 0.20i