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UNVERIFIED ACCOUNTS FETCHING IN HFINRPT-REG Dear Teams Kinldy view the HFINRPT menu a new patch is added to find the unverified accounts pending in the sol which is unable to find in HAFI menu. The sol id can be entered and it will fetch the unverified accounts pending in the sol  Regards,Kaviraj.N CEPT (EOD Central Team),  |L - 044 28524482 |E: |W: Be Eco-friendly, Go Green.
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Alternate Menus for CCIFINQ - 4 Finacle Menu

There is no replacement for CCIFINQ WE NEED CCIFINQ Alternate Method 1:  DOP Finacle Meun : HCRV  Click on CIF ID Searcher. Read More @ Alternate Method 2 1.  Invoke menu HCUDET. 2.  Click on the 🔍 icon near CIF ID field. A pop-up window will open. 3.  Give Document type as AADHAR and fill Unique ID with the adhar number. 4.  Click Submit. system will show CIF ID corresponding to the provided Aadhar no. Note : Method 1 and Method 2 does not support to find unverified CIF. Alternate Method 3 Invoke Finacle Menu CCRC Add Enter a dummy name in Last Name Enter a dummy name in Father/Spouse Name Tax Status PAN Avaialble Enter PAN Number System will through a warning message that PAN is already linked to another CIF & will provide you the unverified CIF number auto Remark: this will work only if you had entered PAN while creating that unverified CIF Alternate Method 4 Invoke menu CCRC Function : Verify Ent

Important Finacle Commands


Clarification in SSA – Girl child holding Overseas Citizenship of India Card

Clarification regarding SSA account of girl child holding Overseas Citizenship of India Card – Regarding Govt. Of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (F.S. Division) Dak Bhawan, New Delhi- 110001 Dated: 05.01.2022 To The Chief Postmaster General Haryana Circle, Ambala – 133001. Subject: Clarification regarding SSA account of girl child holding Overseas Citizenship of India Card – Regarding. Reference: Lr. No. SBCC/1-2/Comp/SSY/20-21 dated 13.12.2021. Madam, Kindly refer the above letter. 2. In accordance with Ministry of Home Affairs Notification S.O. 542(E)dated 11.04.2005, Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) registered under section 7A of the Indian Citizenship Act 1955, shall be entitled to the benefit namely “Party with Non-Resident Indians in respect of all facilities available to them in economics, financial, and educational fields except in matters relating to the acquisition of agriculture or plantation properties”. 3. Hence, it is clarified that (i). PCI card

SB Order 02/2022 | Introduction of online PAN verification functionality in Finacle CBS System

SB Order No. 02/2022 F.No. 25'0912012-FS-CBS-Part (1) Govt. of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts F.S Division) Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 Dated :25.01.2022 To All Head of Circles / Regions Subject: Introduction of online PAN verification functionality in Finacle CBS System - Reg. Sir / Madam, At present, in Finacle CBS System, the PAN Card of the Depositors are updated as part of KYC compliance. The PAN Card entered in the system is validated only based on the standard PAN format i.e. 10 ALPHA Numeric Characters. But the correctness of the PAN card numbers provided by the Depositors or the PAN entered by the Post Office officials are not validated with NSDL currently. 2. During the f,ling of TDS returns, many of the PAN numbers are not accepted in Income Tax statements due to invalid / wrong PAN, which leads to complaints from Depositors regarding non availability of TDS deducted details in Form 26,{S of the Depositors. In order to settle these complaints, th

SB Order 02/2022 | PAN Validation Integrated with Finacle w.e.f 25.01.2022 - Highlights

SMR Tool v3.5 dated 04.02.2022 Download Link & Working Procedure

SMR v3.5 dated 04.02.2022: As per requests received from various end user, the following modification done. Section II Page Modification done for ABCDE Statement for both Cash and Stamp. PA17A - Page No.2 Data More accurate i.e 100% accuracy arrived. Material Master Modification option enabled - Press F1 from SMR Tool v3.5. (Auto populated in version 3.0) -Ve symbol has been removed from Cash Remittance / Cash Sent to BO + Removed from Stamp Received/Sent if it is Nil FAQ v1.1 1. Runtime Error INVALID PROPERTY VALUE '380' during Cash Uploading Check the Input File > FAGLL03.xlsx should have GLs 4867100000 4867100010 Redownload from SAP - FAGLL03 tcode using the above GLs. 2. Please "Run Start Database and execute this from Server" SMR Tool Latest version should be run from POS Server if the Generation of 2nd Page is checked in Configuration. 3. Invalid Property Value during Stamp Uploading Error Fixed Function Keys added in SMR Tool: F1 - MaterialMater Configurati

Highlights in SB Order 1/2022 | Linkage of Mobile and PAN, Collection of closure of TDA Passbooks

Reiteration of linking of Mobile / PAN with Account Number As per SB Order 17/2017 dated 23.10.2017 linking of mobile number is mandatory. Linking of PAN/Mobile Number for all active accounts through Special Drive. AS per GSPGR 2018, cease the customer account if the PAN is not submitted by the customer even after the six months from the date of account opening. Caution to the Operator /Supervisor Linking of wrong/incorrect PAN/Mobile Number - action should be taken against the erring official Collection of Closed TDA accounts PBs by Single / Double handed PO incl. BOs Collection of TDA account PB during closure and generation of closure report to customer as acknowledgement by the all Single/Double handed post offices and attached BOs Closed PBs should attached with closure form and send to SBCO by mentioning the number closed PBs in the consolidation. Roles added Role of CEPT, CPC(CBS) & Divisional Office for prevention of fraudulent activities - Reports generation in c/w incor