Finacle Training Lesson 10 [SB Withdrawal, RD Deposit ]


In the previous lesson we have learnt about using CNAC menu to find out new account number from old account number. We have also learnt how to make SB deposit and SSA deposit. If you did not read our previous lesson and please read it and come back.
In today’s lesson we will learn about the remaining deposits and withdrawals.

SB Withdrawals

The menu for SB withdrawal is also CTM only. So, invoke the CTM menu. After you invoke CTM menu you will see the following screen.

As we have done in SB deposit transaction we will choose Function as ADD. Because this is a withdrawal transaction we will choose Function Type as Withdrawal. Then Click on GO (or press F4).

The below screen will come after you press F4

In this screen also you just concentrate on Account Id and amount. If the withdrawal is by cheque then you have to choose Mode of transaction as Cheque as shown in the image above. Choose mode of transaction as cheque, enter cheque number and date. This is the only extra step in withdrawal.

After entering account id, amount and cheque details (if withdrawal by cheque), just click on post (or press F10). That’s all, your transaction is completed. Note down the transaction Id on the voucher.

See how easy these transactions are.

Don’t forget to verify the transactions. I’ll explain verification of one transaction. You can follow the same procedure for all other transactions.

Verification of transactions.

To verify SB deposit, SB withdrawal and SSA deposit we use only one menu. The menu for verification of SB deposit, SB withdrawal and SSA deposit is CTM.

You should remember that for most of the transactions, we use the same menu for both doing the transaction and verification of transaction. Except for some account opening and closing transactions where we use different menus for doing the transaction and verification of transaction.

So for now invoke the menu CTM again. See the image below.

As we have invoked CTM to verify the transactions, choose Function as VERIFY. How will Finacle know which transaction you are verifying? Finacle generates a transaction id for every transaction. It identifies and differentiates between transactions using transaction id only. So enter transaction id of the transaction which you want to verify in the Transaction ID field. That’s it. Click on GO (or press F4).

Finacle will show the following screen to you.

As a supervisor your role is to check whether counter pa has entered the correct account number, amount. See the account number, name of the customer and amount matches with those on the voucher. If everything is found correct then click on submit. That’s it verification is over.

See how simple it is to verify the transactions.

You may ask me what if counter pa has entered something wrong in the transaction. Is there a way to modify or rectify the transaction?

The answer is NO. You cannot modify a transaction once it is done. If the transaction is in entered state we can delete transaction but we cannot modify any transaction once we have done it. So it is absolutely important that counter pa is extremely careful and vigilant.

But we are all humans. It is common to make mistakes. But try to avoid mistakes. Don’t worry there is solution for every mistake we make in finacle.

We will not discuss about mistakes and solutions in this training. This is to ensure that you will be careful while doing counter. If you make mistakes you can refer to Pineapple for solutions.

So this is how we verify transactions.

RD Deposit by Cash

For RD deposit we have to invoke CRDP menu. After invoking CRDP menu you will get the following screen. See the image below.

As we have done while doing SB deposit transaction, in RD deposit also we have to choose Function as ADD. The only other field which we have to select is transaction type.

What is Transaction Type? By choosing the appropriate option in transaction type we tell finacle whether we are depositing rd amount by cash or by POSB cheque or by Bank cheque.

Let’s see each option in detail.
  1. C/NR – Cash Deposit: it means that we are making the rd deposit by cash. If customer is paying for making the deposit we choose transaction type as C/NR – Cash Deposit. (Here C/NR means Cash/Normal Receipt.)
  2. T/BI – Transfer Bank Induced: This option is chosen when post office is doing transaction in customer account without customer’s involvement. Here bank doesn’t mean any other bank. Bank means us. Bank means Post office. This option is used when we are depositing any missing credits in the accounts.
  3. T/CI – Transfer Customer Induced: This option is used when customer gives POSB/Other Bank cheques for making deposit in the RD account.
Since we are doing RD deposit by cash let’s choose Function as ADD and Transaction type as C/NR – Cash Deposit and click on GO (or press F4). After pressing F4 you will get the screen as shown in the image below.

In this screen just enter account number in RD Account Id field and amount in Total Amount field and click on Submit (or press F10). Your transaction will be completed. Finacle will generate a transaction ID. Note it down on the deposit voucher.

Most of the terms which we see on the screen are self explanatory. If customer is paying for 3 months and monthly installment is 1000 then enter total amount as 3000. Finacle will automatically adjust it for 3 installments.

Always collect the amount which is shown in Transaction amount field which is just below number of installments field.

If there is any default fee this default amount is added to Total amount and if there is any rebate, the rebate amount is deducted from total amount. After adding default or deducting rebate amount, the actual amount to be collected from the customer is shown in Transaction amount.

Always have an eye on Transaction amount field while doing RD deposit transactions. Because default and rebate entries are very light on the screen. They are not visible properly. Because of this we may sometimes forget to take default amount from the customers.

So, this is how we do RD deposit by cash transaction in finacle.

In the next lesson we will see how to accept RD deposits by POSB cheques and by other bank cheques.

Point to be remembered:

Please pay close attentions to the changes that are taking place on the screen while doing transactions. There is a lot happening on the screen without our knowledge. To become experts we have to keep an eye on everything.
If you are not working on counter, read this material and spend 5 to 10 minutes at the counter and observe how counter people are working. By observation you will not forget what you are reading now. If you are suddenly asked to work in counter, you will not feel the pressure.

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