Clarification and configuration by Infosys about ATM charges for POSB Customers

Dear All,
We are directed by competent authority to convey the following.
It's been confirmed by Infosys Team that, charges are configured for ATM Issuer transactions(DOP Cards in other bank ATMs) from 22/03/17 onward.
Charges are applicable, if number of financial/non financial transactions put together exceeds above 3 in metro cities and 5 in non metro cities in a calendar month.
Please note that Rs 20 + Rs 3 will be deducted from customers POSB accounts exceeding the limit prescribed above. Transactions count will be considered from 1st of March 2017. Charges will be levied only for the transactions done on or after 22/03/2017 exceeding the prescribed limit.
There will not be any charges for the transactions done using POSB card in DOP ATMs.
Thanks & regards, Incharge Operations, DOP ATM Unit CBS-CPC, 4th Floor, Bengaluru GPO Building Bengaluru-560001 080-22850173,

Important instructions for Year interest calculation in DOP Finacle

You are all aware that we are nearing the end of the financial year when interest calculation and posting are due for SB/PPF/NSS accounts. Request you to please advise Post Offices to verify all the accounts which have been modified but verification is pending since interest posting for such accounts will fail resulting in complaints and tickets being raised for non-posting of interest. Unverified accounts can be listed by respective offices using the HAFI menu; Following are the fields to be entered in HAFI for finding out unverified transactions: Procedure to view the unverified accounts Invoke the menu HAFI and enter the following details as mentioned belowEnter the SOL ID ____________Enter the Table Short Name as "GAM"In the Ref NO files "give two balnk spaces"Enter the General Ledger Subhead code as _________Enter the function code as "M"Select the Authorized option as "Not authorized" Following are the General Ledger Subhead codes  SB …

RD Missing Credits Procedure in DOP Finacle

The step by step procedure for restoring the missing credits in RD Accounts during the migration to Finacle is furnished below:

1) Login as Counter PA in Finacle.
2) CRDP > Add > Transfer Bank Induced > Go

3) Enter RD Account ID > Total Amount>Transaction Particulars=Missing Credit>Mode of Payment= Transfer >Account ID=SOLID+0326 (Example: XXXXXXXX0326)> Transfer Amount=Missing Credit + PF (if any)> Submit and Note the Tran ID.
4) HTM> Modify>Tran ID= Noted Tran ID> Go
5) Restore Values= G-Partitioning Details>Go>Entity Type=Accounts–A/Cs>Entity ID= RD A/C ID > Accept> Post.
6) Login as Supervisor in Finacle
7) HTM>Verify> Tran ID>Go>Submit Shared by Y. Kashyap,System Administrator, Kakinada HPO- 533001

EOD Instructions in c/w Notice for strike on 16th March, 2017 served by National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE)

Sir/ Madam In connection with above subject it is requested to kindly cause to share the following instructions to all Divisions/ Units: 1. For SOLs which are opened / working on 16.3.2017 EOD (HISCOD) shall be executed by the concerned SOL itself.
2. For SOLs which are closed on 16.3.2017 EOD shall be got executed by the concerned Divisional SPOC or any nominated Divisional SPOC & daily report on completion of EOD for the Division shall be sent by the SPOC in usual manner 
3. If Divisional SPOC itself participates in the strike and no other SMs are available to act as Divisional SPOC on 16.3.2017 then Division is requested to kindly compile and share us list of offices working and non working / closed on 16.3.2017 with SOL ID so that for Closed Offices EOD will be run at CPC end itself . This List may kindly be arranged to be shared to CPC by 14.00 Hrs on 16.3.2017.
4. Names of officials/ officers at Divisional Level who are to be contacted for EOD issues on 16.3.2017 (…

Cash weekly limit removed in DOP Finacle

Cash weekly limit for SB withdrawals, has been removed from 13.03.2017 and the same was configure in DOP Finacle.

Ruling for deposit/withdrawal in Savings Account without passbook in CBS Post Offices

SB Order : 05/2016 addendum 1 dated 04.08.2016 wherein
It is clarified that customers should not be forced (Except accounts opened in BOs) to present passbook while deposit or withdrawal in CBS Post Offices. Presentation of Passbook by customer and updation of passbook instantly shall be mandatory if account stands in any BO. Click below image to view the original order copy

Procedure to transfer a PPF account from Post Office to Bank

Invoke HINTTM menu from Postmaster login for zeroing of interest for the current financial year. In HINTTM, PPF account number to be entered; From date should be 01-04-YYYY; Interest table code should be ‘Zero’.Verification has to be done by Supervisor. In HCAAC Menu: Closure has to be invoked using HCAAC menu from PA login.  Option ‘Transfer’ has to be selected and transfer account id should be Postmaster account (0340). Closure reason should be selected as ‘Transfer to Bank’.Closure has to be verified by Supervisor.