The BPM will generate a High Value Withdrawal Request through device and will take a print copy of the request. The Request print copy alongwith SB-7 and Passbook will be sent to Account office for approval. The procedure to be followed by the Account office for such type of High Value Withdrawal is depicted below:

In Finacle the menu to be used for High Value Withdrawal approval is –EXCW. The approval of High Value Withdrawal will be done through Supervisor option in Finacle.

Instructions on Acceptance of Transactions for APS Accounts in CBS

APS accounts are migrated to CBS. POs may please be instructed to accept transactions for APS accounts in CBS.
Image result for army postal service
CNAC menu can be used to identify CBS account number using above 2 SOL IDs (1 CBPO or 2 CBPO).

90005600<SCHEME>SanchayPost acct number - 1 CBPO

90009900<SCHEME>SanchayPost acct number - 2 CBPO

Finacle CBS Desktop Configuration & Internet Explorer Settings

Finacle CBS Desktop Configuration & Internet Explorer Settings

Configure DOP Finacle on Windows 10 x64 bit OS

DOP Finacle Setting for Windows 10 64bit Operating System on Default Internet Explorer of Version 11

There is no extra configuration is required for running Department of Posts Finacle Software on Internet Explorer except Java RE. Download pre-requisite software/application for DOP finacle

POSB Volume and relevant Orders - SB and SC Complied Materials for easy reference

SB and SC materials for immediate reference 

Compiled by: - M.SIVAKUMAR

Read full compilation at Mirror

SB Order No.09/2018 : POSB (CBS) Manual Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for operation of POSB schemes in Core Banking Solution (CBS) platform

SB Order No.09/2018 : POSB (CBS) Manual [Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)] for operation of POSB schemes in Core Banking Solution (CBS) platform ( Containing 301 pages)

Click Here to :View / Download PDF

Alternate link : Click Here

Click Here to : View / Download PDF ( Containing 301 pages)

Alternate link : Click Here

SB Order 10/2018 contains Minimum Deposit of Rs.250/- Configured for SSA Account configured in DOP Finacle

Necessary configuration have been done in Finacle as per SB Order 10/2018.
Minimum deposit for a financial year is Rs.250/-
Deposit at the time of account opening has to be validated procedurally, as being done now.

The change in RICT CBS Client Version is not yet done; hence devices will expect a minimum deposit of Rs.1000/- at the time of account opening. In such cases where the customer is opening account with a deposit below Rs.1000/-, the concerned account office can open the account in Fincore.

For defaulted accounts, previous year arrears will be calculated at the rate of Rs.1000/- only and for the current year, minimum deposit of Rs.250/- will be accepted along with penalty of Rs.50/-. Eg. for an account in which no deposit was done during 2017-18, Rs.1300/- will be expected as deposit during this year instead of Rs.2050.

Issues if any may kindly be reverted immediately.

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