CTM - Transaction Maintenance in Finacle for Debit / Credit

CTM - Transaction Maintenance 

CTM is a DOP Customized Menu for Transaction Maintenance in Finacle 10.2.13. Credit (Deposit ) / Debit (Withdrawal) Can be done using the Menu called


Counter PAs / Supervisor or Postmaster are authorized to invoke Transaction Maintenance - CTM. 
DOP User Login into Finacle Application.

Procedure to Deposit / Withdraw using CTM Menu

  1. Invoke the menu option CTM (Deposit / Withdrawal)
  2. Create/enter the transaction.
  3. Post the transactions.
  4. Verify the Transactions in Supervisor.
  5. View the balance in the account from the menu option HACLI.

  • A supervisor will receive the vouchers prepared by the counter assistant with a transaction ID number written on it.  Verify the transaction using transaction ID.
  • Withdrawal Less than 5000 Supervisor need not verify the transaction.
  • Each and every Deposited amount should be verified by supervisor.
  • At the End of the day Supervisor should invoke the Menu HFTI to check any transactions are unverified.