AIAIPASP ODISHA writes to CPMG on Inspection Questionnaire for CBS HOs/SOs

No. AIAIPASP/Corr-1/07/2017
Date: 06-11-2017

Dr. Santosh Ku. Kamila, IPoS
Chief Postmaster General
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001

Sub:- Regarding Inspection Questionnaire for CBS HOs/SOs. 

Respected Sir, 
Inspection Questionnaire for CBS HOs/SOs has been issued vide Department of Posts (Inspection Unit) No.16-1/2017-inspn dated 21-08-2017. In Inspection Questionnaire of CBS SO, there are many reports which are to be tallied online in the Finacle. First of all the Inspectorial Staff are not aware about the menus to be used as they have not been trained to verify the reports online. Secondly, it is understood from the master trainers in the Circle, certain reports which are supposed to be verified online in Finacle are not accessible. Therefore, the master trainers may kindly be asked to prepare a training material incorporating the CBS Menus according to the Inspection Questionnaire for CBS HOs/SOs which will be helpful at the time of training to Inspectorial Staff as discussed in the last four monthly meeting. 

There are also some other concerns for the Inspectorial Staff in the Inspection Questionnaire for CBS HOs/SOs. For example, as per para-12 Inspection Questionnaire of CBS SO, SB-46 is to be issued for all TD Accounts in C class offices. The time allotted for inspection of C Class NDSO is one day and for C class DSO it is two days. It is no secret that to achieve the target on opening of TD Accounts, opening of small amount of TD Accounts is being emphasized. It is time consuming to find out the Account No., balance, full address of the TD Account holders in Finacle and issuing of SB-46 thereafter. It is, therefore, practically not possible to complete the inspection in the allotted time for C class SOs. Further, there is no clarity if in case of a C Class Delivery SO having Branch Post Offices, if the TD Accounts opened at BO are to be excluded from issuing SB-46 at the time of inspection of the SO or otherwise. In the opinion of this Association, there should be limitation like issuing of SB-46 in C Class SOs for the TD Accounts opened since date of last inspection (DLI). 

Further, in the meantime a number of additions and alterations to Inspection Questionnaire has been issued. It is very difficult to collate the Inspection Questionnaire while doing inspection. Issuing of a compiled Inspection Questionnaire is the need of the hour. 

On behalf of this Association, I to request your good self to consider the above concerns and suggestions of this Association and for onward submission of the feedback of the Circle to Directorate. 

With deep regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Pitabasa Jena)
Circle Secretary