CSI migration and support team is formed in CEPT Chennai /Mysuru

Respected Sir(s) / Madam(s),
I wish to share the following information that a support centre for CSI rollout has been set up at CEPT Chennai.

A CSI migration and support team is formed in CEPT Chennai /Mysuru under Mr V M Sakthivelu DD CEPT. The contact details and email is shared herewith.
V M Sakthivelu DD CEPT - 9444227090 sakthiveluvm@indiapost.gov.in
T.Vivekanandan ASP CSI DMCC - 9884614024 vivekanandan.t@indiapost.gov.in
V Subhashini IP CSI DMCC - 9444937245
M Pattabiraman IP CSI DMCC - 9176641355 
Other officials in the team are: 
Prasaanna R
N Kaviraj
R Lakshmi
C Valli
V Naveenkumar 
A common email for all communications is created : Circles / CPCs /SPOCs may write to csidmcc.cept@indiapost.gov.in any issue relating to CSI pre-rollout issues to post rollout issues (end to end)

A common user group with 10 telephone numbers for the group has been applied for and this will be communicated to the Circles shortly by the end of this week.

A template is created to collect the required information of SPOCs in the Divisions/ Regions / Circles. It is requested that this template may kindly be filled in at the earliest and sent back to us for contacting the divisional SPOCs directly.

This team will support issues listed:
Training (both UC and EU)
Pre-rollout monitoring including site preparation
Post rollout issues and support

Critical issues identification and providing solution through TCS team

Hence, it is requested to circulate this information to all the divisions immediately.

We are organising a conference call on all alternative days with the SPOCS in the circles starting from 16th August 2017. Hence, the information to SPOCS who will be coordinating CSI activities may please be mentioned in the same template without fail.

Thanking You, Sir.

With Regards,
Deputy Director CEPT Chennai