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Many circles are conducting drives to link AADHAR/Mobile Number to CIF. It was found that same AADHAR NUMBER was linked to multiple CIF and vice versa.  As part of Aadhar Payment Bridge System (APBS) following validations have been built in CCRC/CMRC menu.  
1.       Based on Aadhar Mandate Form from customer,  account number where benefits are to be received is updated in the fieldAADHAR LINKED ACCOUNT NUMBER in CMRC menu. Validations are built to checkClosed /Silent/Freezed /TDA type of accounts are linked as Aadhar Linked Account number.

2.       Aadhar Number to be linked under Document details (either as Address Proof or ID Proof) . Basic Aadhar Number validations like 12 digits, not starting with 0 or 1 is built.

3.       A new field AADHAR MANDATE AVAILABLE field is available in CMRC menu. Once the AADHAR MANDATE FORM is received from customer, this field is modified as YES. (PLEASE NOTE – This field should be updated as YES ONLY AFTER RECEIPT OF AADHAR MANDATE FORM) . Validations are built to check on whether valid Aadhar Number and Aadhar Linked account number fields are updated.

Due to these validations Same Aadhar Number cannot be linked to MULTIPLE CIFs. In case if same AADHAR is linked to MULTIPLE CIFs (of same customer) all CIFs are to be merged before AADHAR MADATE FLAG is updated to YES.

CMRC – Inquiry function can be used to find list of CIF IDs linked to same AADHAR NUMBER.

Please do revert in case of any clarifications.

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Gopinath S
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Chennai 600 002