Implementation of 25,000 intersol limit


I am directed by competent authority to convey the following
Cheques accepted for subsequent deposits in Sub Office PPF / SSA accounts are lodged at HO in 0017 account of HO and posting is carried out at HOs after clearance, to facilitate posting, as per SB order 5 of 2016 intersol limit has been configured as 1.5 lakhs on 07/01/2017 as a temporary solution. Now Patch is deployed for implementing intersol limits from today.

POs are instructed to follow the below procedure for posting high value PPF/SSA deposits .

Postmaster role users at HO are given access to CPDTM/CPWTM menus (for PPF/SSA accounts) for posting the subsequent deposits through cheques of sub offices.

The high value deposits for PPF/SSA will be done by Postmaster instead of PA handling Cheque clearance.

Please revert immediately in case of any issues.

Thanks and Regards

Gopinath S
Inspector Posts
Chennai 600 002