Account Conversion from SBGEN to SBCHQ account in DOP Finacle

SB Account Conversion in DOP Finacle

Account Conversion is possible only for SB Account in DOP Fiancle. such as SBGEN is converted into SBCHQ or the SBCHQ is Converted into SBGEN. 

Note : SB to MIS,RD,TD,NSC.KVP,PPF,SSA or vice versa not possible in DOP Finacle

How to change from SBGEN to SBCHQ in DOP Finacle ?

Menu : HACXFRSC - Transfer Account between Schemes

  • Invoke Finacle Menu HACXFRSC
  • Select T-Transfer Option in Operator click on GO / Press F4 
  • Next Screen will be shown like below
Enter Account No. then it will automatically fetched from Finacle data center then following information will displayed
  1. Account holder name
  2. A/c Status
  • Source / Target Scheme codes we have to select and Submit
Trail mode is available for test Scheme conversion in DOP Finacle