New Menu - CCIFINQ for Adhaar Seeding, EB/MB Registrations, APBS Payments, CIF Merger and Operational Issues

We have introduced a new menu CCIFINQ which will help the field in many ways. Some of the immediate benefits would be seen for activities related to::
Aadhaar Seeding
EB/MB registrations
APBS Payments
Drive for CIF merger activities which DOP has been planning
Operational issues w.r.t. CIF creations
The new custom menu CCIFINQ  helps to list all the CIFs linked to an Aadhaar Id or Mobile Number. Its simple to use for the user as it needs only two inputs as listed below:
1.       Search Criteria – select one from a drop down list:
A – Aadhaar id
M – Mobile No.
2.       Aadhaar id / Mobile No. – field to enter the number

Based on these inputs, all CIFs linked to the mentioned Aadhaar Id / Mobile No. will be displayed on the screen. The menu will also display the Customer Name and the status flags to notify if the CIF is Suspended, Deceased and Authorized CIF in CCRC menu. The details are represented in a tabular format which would be easier for the users to view and understand.

Hope DOP field users find it useful.

Please find below the CCIFINQ menu Screen shots.
Criteria Page:
Inquire data based on Aadhaar id:
Inquire CIF data based on Mobile No.
Please circulate this email to all CBS post offices so that new menu can be used by all users. 

With Regards.
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Dak Bhawan,
Sansad Marg,
New Delhi
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