Instructions on ATM Kit Issuance and Diversion

Dear SPOCs,

It has come to the notice of this office while processing card diversion requests that SOLs are not issuing kits in serial order. Hence, the given below instructions should be circulated to each SOL of your Circle with a copy retained at your end:

1. ATM cards are sent in bundles of 25 with each parcel bag containing maximum 500 cards.

2. One consolidated invoice copy is sent along with ATM cards, in which kit numbers are in ascending order. SOLs should refer this invoice and issue kits in serial order ONLY.

3. In the EMV chip based cards, the invoices have been numbered. The receiving SOL should update the parcel number, date of receipt, from and to kit numbers received, total count of cards received and invoice no. (in case of EMV chip based cards only) in the manual ATM register.

If any SOL not follows the above instructions and issues kits in random order, then the liability will be of concerned SOL only.

Thanks & regards,
Incharge Operations, DOP ATM Unit
CBS-CPC, 4th Floor, Bengaluru GPO Building
080-22850173, 18004252440