Solution for the inventory movement error-"No user id found in UPR" in Finacle after CSI migration

Recently in DOP started migration of post offices to CSI application which is nothing but Core Systems Integration.
CSI integrates all the modules of the post office operations including the FSI application i.e., Finacle application.
Core Systems Integration (CSI) is a major update in postal department.We call it a positive change towards achieving long term strategic goal which reads "Achieve the long term goal of financial self-sufficiency by generating surpluses from services (existing and new) outside our universal service obligation".
TCS is the vendor for the implementation of CSI project in DOP.
There are so many advantages after implementation of CSI in DOP which are listed below for all the viewers.

Advantages of CSI implementation :- 

  • Mail Operations will offer reliable mail delivery services, by using robust IT Systems for improving article tracking and volume visibility.
  • Logistics Post will provide end-to-end supply chain services through a technology-driven logistics network.
  • Finance & Accounts will automate accounting operations and bring efficiencies in day-to-day business areas like Cash Management, Asset Accounting, Budgeting, Inventory Management, Procurement and Liability Management.
  • Human Resource Management will maintain a single repository of employee data and improve HR Administration activities like Recruitment, Training, Promotion Payroll and Performance Management. It will also provide an Internal Portal which will allow the employees to perform self-service transactions, like apply leave, view/edit personal data etc.
  • Customer Interaction Channels will provide customer services through Call Centre, Web Portal and Mobile Devices. It will also enhance the functionalities of Post office counters.
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  • When we try to move the inventory using the menu HIMC after migration to CSI in DOP Finacle for some users they are facing the error "No user id found in UPR".
  • The error screen shot will be as shown in the below figure

It is clear from the above screen shot system is showing the above mentioned error.

Root cause of the above Problem :- 

The above error will occur after migration to CSI in DOP Finacle due to incorrect mapping of user ids in the menu HIMAUM which will be taken care by CEPT user id team,
Hence this is purely inventory access issue which will be taken care by CEPT user id team.

Solution for the above Problem :- 

  • When any user faces the above mentioned error after migration to CSI then immediately send the mail to your concerned CPC with user ids, SOLID and error screen shots.
  • At CEPT level inventory access will be given using the menu HIMAUM for the mentioned CSI Ids then the issue will be settled.
  • From CPC confirmation mail will be sent to respective office after giving the inventory access to the mentioned users. Then users can check with inventory movement in DOP Finacle.