Sukanya Samriddhi Account - Deduction of Default fee - Rs.50 - Important Instructions from DMCC,Chennai

Dear Sir/Madam

I am directed by competent authority to convey the following

This is regarding the deduction of Rs.50/- while accepting deposit in SSA account even for those accounts where last year deposits are available.
This issue is not related to PPF/SSA batch job execution for 729 SOLs sent yesterday. This batch job relates to custom related tables updation during EOY execution.

Please find below the reason and solution shared by Infosys for Rs,50/- default fee in SSA account.


CPDTM and CPWTM menus were enabled for SSA accounts on 27th June 2016.
This behavior is observed for the Accounts, where Deposit is done (only)between 01-APR-2016 and 27-JUN-2016. This is due to the fact that fy_year_start and fy_year_end for thease accounts were not changed to 2016 and 2017 due to the transactions happened in this period through CTM/HTM.
Patch is expected to be deployed on 05/04/2017.

Workaround Till Solution is deployed:

Please recredit the 50 rupees from Fee account (SOLID+SSA04 PENAL FEE – SSA) to concerned SSA account through CPDTM menu.

Please note that default fee of Rs.50/- alone need to be recredited from above account only for affected accounts with above said reason.

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Gopinath S
Inspector Posts
Chennai 600 002