How to find No. Of MIS transactions done in a month for incentive

It is a common practice to submit MIS incentive bill every month. In finacle there is no separate report for number of transactions done, but we can find out the number of MIS transactions using alternate methods.

Please follow the below steps

1. Invoke the menu HFTI and you will get the screen as shown below.

2. Enter account id as SOL Id+0337
3. Choose Part Transaction Type as Debit
4. Enter Start Date as required
5. Enter End Date as requried
6. Enter user id in Entry User Id if requried
7. Un check Today Transaction Only
Click on Submit.
It will show all MIS transactions done in that period.

System will show MIS transactions done by that particular user in the given period as shown below. 
But the thing is there are no serial numbers for the transactions. Don't worry we have counted them. In each page it is showing 100 transactions. Count the number of pages and in the last page you have to count transactions yourself. So that is how you can find the number of MIS transactions done in a particular period of time.

Alternately if you want to print the number of transactions you can follow the below procedure.

  1. Invoke the menu HFTR and follow the steps as said above until point number 7.
  2. Click on the searcher beside MRT File Name
  3. Choose the first option in this new window which is "MRT for Financial Transactions Report"
  4. Click on GO
  5. System will show all the transactions on the screen. But at the bottom of the screen there is option to print the transactions. Click on Print.
  6. System will generate a report which can be viewed using HPR menu.
  7. Invoke the HPR menu and print the report if you want to.
  8. So this is how you print the MIS transactions in a given period. Hope you have liked the article. Do not forget to share with your DOP friends.