Procedure to generate Branch Office LOT for transactions done in RICT machine in DOP Finacle

Recently RICT rolled out completed in some of the BO's(Branch Offices) in DOP.
  • RICT is nothing but doing all the transactions of Branch Office operations using hand held devices supplied by Directorate.
  • After roll out necessary training and instructions will be issued to all BPM's to do the operations in hand held devices, maintenance of the device such as charging of the device etc.
  • Once RICT roll out completed concerned BPM should enter all the transactions in the device and then send the reports to your respective SO.
  • Again feeding of BO transactions in SO not necessary hence this reduces duplication of your work and time,
  • SOP for doing the transactions in RICT machines, procedure to take the reports and accounting procedure in SO mentioned clearly in the below mentioned SOP officially supplied by Directorate.
  • In order to download the RICT SOP supplied by the Directorate for all CBS and Non CBS, all the DOP users can CLICK HERE
  • After performing the transactions in RICT BPM will send the vouchers to respective SO where in SO concerned SPM will account for the transactions done in BO.
  • If the new accounts are opened in RICT machine by BPM then machine will generate the unique ID which should be noted on AOF and send to SO.
  • In SO again concerned SPM will open the account by entering the unique id and BO code finally to generate the account number.
  • If the transactions such as deposits and withdrawals are done then in SO no need of entering again by the SPM.
  • In order to check the transactions done by BPM generate the LOT for that BO scheme wise and check with the vouchers.

Procedure to generate Branch Office LOT for transactions done in RICT machine in DOP Finacle :-

Invoke the menu HFINRPT then select the respective scheme LOT from the list and enter the following mentioned details.
Enter the field Date ____________________
Enter the field SOLID _____________________
Enter the field Delivery Channel ID as "SDP" (By default it will be BRN remove it and select SDP from the searcher)
Enter the field Branch Office Id ________________( BO Code should be entered) as show in the figure.
  • After entering all the mentioned details finally click on submit then system will generate the in background.
  • Click on HPR and view the report. Sample report is shown for the viewers purpose.
Note that LOTs for SO and BO will be different because these are different channels hence SPM should add both the figures to get the total amount of transactions done in SO and BO.

Similarly we have to generate the consolidation using the above procedure for the BO and SO transactions individually and total them..