Brief description of MEMO PAD in DOP Finacle

  • We can raise the objection in DOP Finacle by using the MEMO PAD.
  • Most of them will get the doubt what is MEMO PAD. The solution for this doubt will be followed in the below explanation.

What is MEMO PAD ?

  • Memo pad is an area where we can write some information related to that account and the same information will be auto populated when we perform the transactions on that account.
  • In simple terminology MEMO PAD may be termed as notification message.
  • The MEMO PAD screen shot in DOP Finacle will be as shown in the below figure

  • There are two types of Memo pads in DOP Finacle there are
System generated MEMO PA
User created MEMO PAD

System generated MEMO PAD :- 

  • A system generated MEMO PAD is a memo pad which will be created by the system automatically there will not be any user intervention for this type of memo pad in Finacle.
Note :- Please note that system generated memo pad cannot be deleted by the user. System will auto delete the memo pad once the modification done is either verified or cancelled.

User created MEMO PAD :- 

  • User created MEMO PAD is nothing but MEMO PAD created by the user about a particular customer/ account such as documentation incomplete such as PAN not submitted or any other information regarding the irregularity noticed to that customer/account.
  • When we try to perform the transaction for such accounts then the system will throw an exception such as MEMO PAD exists for that account then the user can view the MEMO PAD before proceeding for the transactions.

Advantages of MEMO PAD :- 

  • Memo pad creation will helps the counter staff to notify the pending documents related to that account for which memo pad exists hence it will be very handy to collect the missing documents or any irregularities to that specified account
  • Memo pad will be very handy for SBCO staff in DOP they can write the objection for such account so that when user performs the transactions system will notify the message it will ease to clear