Finacle Training Lesson 3 [On Screen Elements]


In the previous lesson we have learnt how to login in to finacle system. If you have not read the first 2 lessons please read them first and then start reading this lesson.
In today’s lesson we will learn about everything which we see on finacle screen.

Before we start today's lesson we have a request. Can someone translate our lessons into other languages? 
Languages like தமிழ், हिंदी, తెలుగు, മലയാളം, বাঙালি, मराठी, ગુજરાતી, etc.
Can someone help us in this task? We want to translate these lessons into our mother tongues so that all of us can easily understand. By translation we mean both translate and type in the corresponding language. If anyone is willing you can please contact us by sending an email to 

What are those things which we see on Finacle screen?

Before I say anything please see image below and we will discuss each item in detail.

In the picture I have labeled each item with a number. Let’s see each item in detail number wise.

1. Item no 1 shows today’s date. After you login into finacle, do not forget to check the date . It must show the date of current working day. But as you can see in the image the date is shown as 26/12/2013. I have taken the screenshot on 31/03/2016. This is because the day end of 26/12/2013 is not yet completed in my office. (Don’t worry my office is training center and we don’t do day end here). But in your office it must show today’s date only. If it is not showing current working date we should not do any transaction until Day end is completely over. Don’t worry I have only faced such situation only once when I was in counter. Very rare situation it is.

2. Item no 2 and item no 12 shows the details of user who is currently logged in. If you are logged in, it will show you user id. It is important to keep an eye on this field. In single hand offices the same user will be given Counter PA id and Supervisor ID. While doing transactions it is important to keep in mind that you should not do any transactions in Supervisor ID. If you do so then it may become difficult to verify those transactions. So keep an eye on the user name before clicking the submit button.

3. Item no 3 will show the SOL ID of the office in which you are currently working. Suppose if you go to a different office on deputation you have to inform your CPC to change your office. Otherwise all the transactions which you do in deputation office will be reflected in your parent office. That will create chaos. So please be careful when you are going to work in different offices.

4. Item no 4 shows the menu shortcut field. In this field you have to enter the menus to do various operations.

5. If you click on item no 5, item no 11 will appear on the screen. This menu list can be configured just like our Sanchay post so that you need not remember all the menus. But we do not recommend using item number 11. Please try to remember all the frequently used menus. 

6. Memo pad is just like reminder or alarm. Suppose if you want some information from certain customer then simply create a memo pad entry for the account number of the customer and finacle will alert you when that customer comes for a transaction to your office. (System will show an exception while doing the transaction that a memo pad entry for the account exists)

7. Background Menu is used for doing 2 transactions at a time. For example while opening any new account through POSB cheque if you forget to deposit the amount in SB, you can use background menu to deposit the amount without losing information you entered in account opening screen. 

8. CCY converter can be used to check currency rates. Since we are not dealing with any foreign exchange services we don’t need it at the moment.

9. Item no 9 is used to change your password. If you click on that key image a new screen will open where you can change your existing password.

10. Item no 10 is the logout button. If you click on it you will logout from finacle. Do not forget to logout before leaving your system or do not close the browser without logging out.

11. Item no 11 is a shortcut screen for all menus. It will appear on screen when you click on item no 5. But we strictly do not encourage these menu shortcut options.

12. Item no 13 shows the time zone in which we are presently working. Since Finacle is made for international customers. It can operate at various time zones. Here in India we will have our time zone as IST.

13. Item no 14 shows the welcome message on the screen.

14. Item no 15 shows the number of reports available in HPR menu. Delete those reports if you have already printed them.

15. Item no 16 is scrolling message. Sometimes some important messages are displayed in that scrolling. Like “Stop working and sleep because finacle wants to sleep” LOL. Just joking. It will show messages like “Today CCRC menu will not work”, “Complete day end by 0430pm” etc.
So this is the information about all the items which we see on the screen. It’s essential to know everything about Finacle.
So that’s it for today’s lesson. See you again tomorrow.
I’m trying to keep lessons short because it will be easy to remember. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to read a lesson. I can compile all the lessons as a single book instead of short lessons of 5 minutes per day. But I bet nobody will read the book for more than 10 pages.

So we have decided to make lessons short so that it won’t take more than 5 minutes to read. Just spend 5 minutes daily, learn to use finacle and get rid of all the problems.

Point to remember in today’s lesson.

1. Always check the date on the screen. If it is not today’s date do not do any transaction.

2. Always check the currently logged in user. Do not do any transactions in supervisor login.

3. If you are going on deputation to other office make sure you request CPC to change your SOL. And after completion of deputation and coming back to home office again request CPC to change your SOL.

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