Finacle Training Lesson 1 [Menus]

In this lesson we will learn the most basic concepts about finacle. Finacle is very easy. Yes it is very easy. Many people who come for training at my WTC say that they will take voluntary retirement because of the fear of finacle. No sir, if you know the full power of finacle you will want to work a few more years after your retirement. Yes, you will want to work more because finacle handles the major burden for you. You will feel more relaxed and enjoying that you will not want to leave the work. All this is possible when you know everything about Finacle. 

Not only finacle even in our real life this rule applies. You will be afraid of driving a car in the beginning. You will be afraid of making an accident. At the beginning, we are not really perfect. But once we know perfectly we will drive the car as easily as drinking water. Same is the case with Finacle. Once you know everything about finacle you will do transactions so fast that you yourself will be amused with your speed. 

So just concentrate on what I am teaching, practice the tips which I give you and you will become finacle master in no time.

Sanchay Post is very easy. Is Finacle easy?

Of course Finacle is easy. But Sanchay post is very very easy. Yes I agree with you on this point. But Finacle is highly secured. It can handle millions of transactions with ease (Daily almost 30 lakh transactions are taking place all over India in finacle offices). No chance of frauds. Can we say these things about Sanchay post? No. Sanchay post is not secured. Anyone can easily do frauds in Sanchay post. And it cannot handle large number of transactions. 

Finacle has many advantages too. It gives customers various other channels of making transactions. They need not come to post offices to complete their transactions. They can do transactions by themselves. They can use ATMs to withdraw money. There are cash deposit machines to deposit money. They can use internet banking facilities to check balances, print account statement, transfer amount to different accounts all by themselves.

So in an year or two we will observe a huge decrease of people coming to counters to do transactions. That means fewer transactions at counter. Isn’t it great? 

Since less people come to counter it gives us opportunity to start new business ventures. We can sell mutual funds, stocks and life insurances. We can handle forex (foreign exchange) services. The possibilities are unlimited. We can become a major contributor of income to GDP of our country. We can be proud of what we are doing. People will once again start respecting us.

I think many of you have faced this question.

“Oh you work in Post office? That’s great! No work at post offices is it! You might be enjoying a lot because nobody is using letters now a day’s”
I feel like hitting hard in their face to whoever says this to me. But we can’t do that. Can we? We have to give a tight slap to them by our work. We will work hard and prove to our country what we are capable of.

Finacle will give us this strength. It will give the wings to fly high. Let’s learn Finacle with lots of love towards it. Yes many officials are suffering due to this CBS. But all those technical problems our administration will soon overcome. By that time we should become Finacle experts. 

Let’s get into the lesson now. Auditors (SBCO staff) can also follow this training. Because to understand what auditors should do, it is essential that auditors should know what counter staff are doing. Even though we don’t know completely how auditors should work in finacle, we know the basics of what auditors should do. We will start a separate training for auditors after completion of counter staff training. But it is essential that auditors should know all this. So we advise auditors staff also to follow this training closely. 

Differences between Sanchay Post and Finacle. 

Because we already know how to work with Sanchay Post, Let’s learn Finacle from Sanchay post itself. In Sanchay Post everything was readily available on screen. For any transaction we just click on the item which we want and a new screen opens with required form. Then we enter the fields in the form and click on SEND button. And the transaction is done.

But Finacle is different. Nothing is visible on the screen. See the image below. After you login into finacle the screen will appear as below.

See, there is nothing on the screen. Then, what should we do to deposit amount in to an SB account? How should I close an SCSS account? How can we do transactions when nothing is visible on the screen? See the picture below now.

If you look on the top most right side of the screen, you will notice a field named as “Menu Shortcut:” Beside menu shortcut there is an empty box. This empty box is used to do all transactions in finacle. Through this box we can talk with Finacle. Yes! we can talk with Finacle. 

Since Finacle is computer software it will not understand our languages. If we say “Finacle babu jara SB depojit ka screen open karo”, it won’t understand anything. It’s simple isn’t it? We cannot talk in Hindi with a Chinese person. That Chinese person will only understand Chinese Language. 

Similarly Finacle will only understand its own language.

Finacle can only understand a language of codes. If you want to talk with Finacle we should know the codes that it understands. If you want to open an SB account, then enter CASBAO code in the menu shortcut field and click on GO. See the image below and you will understand.

Finacle only understands these codes. After clicking on go it will open a new screen where you will enter some more information and open the account.
These codes which Finacle understands are called as MENUS
To do any transaction in Finacle you have to enter a menu in the Menu Shortcut field. Finacle will read this menu and it will open a new screen where you can complete the transactions. 

Let us imagine that Finacle is a ROBOT. Robots are designed to do predefined works. You give commands to robots and they will complete the work. Similarly we have to give commands (MENUS) to make it work for you. 

To do any transaction, we have to enter a menu in the menu shortcut field. For every transaction there will be a menu. There are almost 200 menus in finacle which are available for counter staff. There will be so many other menus which are available for users with higher roles. I’ll give you some examples.

1. Menu for SB Deposit is CTM.
2. Menu for SB Account opening is CASBAO.
3. Menu for SB to RD standing instruction is HSSIM.
4. Menu to initiate Day end is HISCOD and so on.

You need not remember all these menus immediately. As the time goes you will remember all menus by heart. For beginners, I’ll give you a list of most commonly used menus in the counter at the end of this lesson. You can download it and use it in the counter. 

Because we are using menus to do transactions in Finacle, Finacle is called as a menu driven web interface.

So,that’s it for today’s lesson. In the next lesson we will learn how to login into finacle. I will explain in detail about everything which you see on the screen in the next lesson. 

Points to Remember: 

1. Finacle can only understand the language of codes. 
2.These codes are called as MENUS
3. For every transaction in Finacle there is menu.
4.To do any transaction in Finacle you have to enter the corresponding menu in the menu shortcut field.